Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.

- President George Washington

2921 days since transition.
Day 18 of January

20% is Nice, But 50% is Better!

Trump eyes 10% spending cuts, 20% slash of federal workers

The burden of our bloated, oppressive government weighs upon us all. We will take a 20% cut, because that is the right direction, but a 50% cut sounds more reasonable and responsible.

Slash, and drain that swamp!!!

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An absurd mental escape: Captain Forehead (Good luck!)

Day 12 of January


They see themselves as compassionate, with a complete unawareness of their comforting racism:

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Day 13 of December

Free Pass! It's the Russians!!!

No longer do you have to take responsibility for that affair, that failed test, the botched job, the foolish statement, the missed bill payment. Never again does it have to be your fault! The only excuse you will ever need: "The Russians did it!"

No evidence? No problem, because everyone knows the Russians are that good and dastardly! Lack of evidence is PROOF the Russians did it. You can't question the plain simple truth that the Russians did it.

Did what?
It. Whatever it is, they did it...they always do.

Offended by this post?

The Russians did it.

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Day 12 of December

Russian Hack? Really?

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Day 09 of December

Before Romancing Communism

The only reason a thinking person supports communism is ignorance.

">Goodbye Castro

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Fake News? Do Not Be A PAWN!

This is an issue that ought to get your panties in a bunch.

The purpose of the fake news issue is to get the citizenry compliant and accepting of ensuring news (information) available is approved by appropriate -- government! -- arbiters. Those who wish to be your filter are trying to get you to demand a filter. You are the filter! Demand NO FILTER!

It is your responsibility to be informed and sort out good information from bad. If you rely on others to do this, you are a pawn. DO NOT BE A PAWN!

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Day 06 of December


Yes, we are in a massive bubble. Yes, it will pop. Alas, the transfer of wealth from the many to the very few is nearly complete. The many will pay the price for allowing 'leaders' to be irresponsible.

"We Are Not Robbing The Poor To Pay The Rich" (They are.)

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Day 26 of November


The holiday season brings about greater family interaction, which can be good and not so good. First and foremost, one cannot forget that though they are family, they are mere human beings. Something to remember:

Calling someone you do not agree with sexist, racist, bigoted, stupid, ass and any other insult you can conjure is not an argument! If you disagree, argue the facts, the ideas, the principals, but if you cannot do that, SHUT UP! Insults are simply escape clauses, declaratives that you are unable to form a point, a reasoned, sound argument. Go down fighting, with an argument, not an insult. And at this point, we, the insulted, have become fairly impervious to your insulting barbs, but if that is the best you have... We win again!

Yes, it is not fair that some of us are smarter than others, but that is something you will have to take up with whomever you deem the creator. Though you could throw an insult their way, which would be much easier and may be the limit of your capability.

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Day 14 of November

Trump Will Not Be President, They Said

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Day 10 of November

Need a laugh?

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Day 02 of November


For those who still do not understand, a vote for Trump is a message that the citizenry does not acquiesce to a ruling class.

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One of Them is Thinking

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Day 27 of October


It is unfortunate that so many look at these elections as sport, wanting their team to win at all costs, instead of the what they are, a way for a citizenry to pick an appropriate leader. Forget the party and look at the individual. Yes, it is astounding that as an unindicted criminal, Hillary Clinton is running, but she wears the (D) jersey, and for too many mindless that is all that matters. Go team!!! Come on people, you have a brain for a reason, USE IT!

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Day 22 of October

(D) Criminal or Aspirational?

When you talk with someone supporting the (D) party these days, you have but one question to ask: Are they a criminal or simple aspiring to be a criminal?

Knowing what we know about the (D) party, as WikiLeaks and Project Veritas have confirmed some of the most extreme conspiracy theories -- as if what has transpired in recent years has not been enough -- you know that (D) means (D)evious, (D)iabolical, (D)eadly and (D)isaster, among others.

When someone shows you their character is suspect, do not ignore them. (D) has become a clear and distinct mark of evil.

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Day 14 of October

No War

Let us hope that another president does not use unnecessary war to distract us from his actions and those of his party.

Obama, aides expected to weigh Syria military options on Friday

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