The Roots of Violence: Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice, Politics without principles.

- Mahatma Gandhi

2834 days since transition.
Day 22 of October

(D) Criminal or Aspirational?

When you talk with someone supporting the (D) party these days, you have but one question to ask: Are they a criminal or simple aspiring to be a criminal?

Knowing what we know about the (D) party, as WikiLeaks and Project Veritas have confirmed some of the most extreme conspiracy theories -- as if what has transpired in recent years has not been enough -- you know that (D) means (D)evious, (D)iabolical, (D)eadly and (D)isaster, among others.

When someone shows you their character is suspect, do not ignore them. (D) has become a clear and distinct mark of evil.

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An absurd mental escape: Captain Forehead (Good luck!)

Day 14 of October

No War

Let us hope that another president does not use unnecessary war to distract us from his actions and those of his party.

Obama, aides expected to weigh Syria military options on Friday

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Day 08 of October


The only way to explain why emotion trumps thought is that for some their emotions are far more powerful than their thought. Here is some thought:

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As ugly as you thought corrupt politicians and their like were, the prove they are far worse: Podesta e-mails

How anyone can support such an evil human being is beyond imagine. Is it really enough that she is a woman? No, come on...

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Day 22 of September

The Fed

Anyone who does not think the Fed is political does not understand organizations, history, human nature or how to put on their shoes properly. Long-term, this organization is willing to harm the economy to serve their political master.

A quick read: JPM Agrees With Trump That Fed Is Political, Accuses Yellen Of "Distorting Asset Markets, Blowing Bubbles"

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Day 14 of July

Bought and Paid

This is a great summation of why there is little difference in the two major parties and the orgy of theft in Washington:

Presenting Ground Zero Of Global Wealth Inequality

And if you know folks drawn to the area, you know the breed of parasitic subspecies...not people most wish to associate with.

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Day 01 of July


Should we not at least consider the possibility that the economic policies supported by the central bankers around the world that have benefited the few and significantly consolidated wealth into fewer and fewer hands have been designed to do as they have done and are not simply an uncomfortable byproduct or unforeseen consequence?

At this point, it is foolish for the citizens of the world to act complacently as central bankers enrich their friends and the benefactors of their political allies. We are going to pay the price for these policies, as the very few who have caused the coming financial calamity will sit in comfort, wealthy and unaffected.

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Day 21 of June


Perhaps an untenable dream, but it would be nice if the slaves stopped arguing over whom they wanted to be their master and revolted for freedom.

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Day 26 of May


No one is better served with less transparency.

Conflict of interest disclosure reports filed by top federal officials were removed from public view by the Obama administration in recent months, a move that government transparency and accountability advocates condemn as a major setback. [Read]

And this from the president who said he was all about making this the most transparent administration in history. This is not okay...none of it is.

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Day 21 of May

Income Inequality Inspires

"We Reached The Tipping Point": Income Inequality Is Highest Since Records Began

Go read the article. It is fascinating that this has happened under a (D)emocratic Party administration, but not a surprise if you observe their consistent actions. The (D) proclaim themselves helpers of the poor while greatly serving the rich. The fiscal and monetary policies of recent years have helped to accumulate an ever greater amount of wealth in fewer hands.

Remember during the Reagan and Bush administrations how the left railed against the idea of trickle down economics, the policy where successful were enriched so some of their resources would trickle down to the less fortunate? We misunderstood the left's railings.

Apparently when the left was railing against helping businesses and people of means succeed, we did not understand that they wanted these policies pushed further, harder, so greater wealth accumulated in fewer hands, and without the dated need of business creation and expansion. In retrospect, it makes sense, because greater wealth in fewer hands means those hands can be more generous to the politicians who helped them accumulate that wealth. Of course, the rest of the citizenry will figure this out, but what is to fear?

This will not end well, it never does. And whom to blame? Politicians. Parties are labels to mislead the fools, unfortunately. Politicians are punishing us for our foolish loyalty.

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Day 18 of February


Does disillusionment come with age, wisdom, loss of opportunity, or honesty?

As we here at see the politics in everything, we have questioned many things, too many things, and ignored our obligation here. Perhaps what we need is a little confession time, but it may be too depressing. Still, truth is truth.

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Day 05 of December

Should You Expect Truth from Government?

Make of it what you will.

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Day 17 of November


In order for an electorate to remain pliable it must remain ignorant, and for ignorance to remain knowledge dissemination must be quashed:

Critic of Polygraph Tests Accused of Teaching People to Lie to Government

A polygraph is unreliable. Do not think otherwise. Do not speak otherwise. Listen, you will be told what to believe.

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Day 10 of November

Beautiful Lies

It is so beautiful that Obama's people say what they -- which includes Obama-- think of the American voter. They believe you are stupid and took advantage of that, because they wanted a law. The American voter proved them correct, or perhaps just slow learners, given the mid-term elections.

One thing you know about people with this kind of character is that you cannot associate with them if you are one of good character. One might wonder if he is a sociopath or political operative or just a liar...wait, are there differences there?

PS: Interested in economics? Maybe MIT has confused political expediency with the dismal science...

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Day 31 of October

Don't Watch Too Closely

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