In war, you can only be killed once, but in politics, many times.

- Winston Churchill

2289 days since transition.
Day 18 of February


Does disillusionment come with age, wisdom, loss of opportunity, or honesty?

As we here at see the politics in everything, we have questioned many things, too many things, and ignored our obligation here. Perhaps what we need is a little confession time, but it may be too depressing. Still, truth is truth.

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An absurd mental escape: Captain Forehead (Good luck!)

Day 05 of December

Should You Expect Truth from Government?

Make of it what you will.

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Day 17 of November


In order for an electorate to remain pliable it must remain ignorant, and for ignorance to remain knowledge dissemination must be quashed:

Critic of Polygraph Tests Accused of Teaching People to Lie to Government

A polygraph is unreliable. Do not think otherwise. Do not speak otherwise. Listen, you will be told what to believe.

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Day 10 of November

Beautiful Lies

It is so beautiful that Obama's people say what they -- which includes Obama-- think of the American voter. They believe you are stupid and took advantage of that, because they wanted a law. The American voter proved them correct, or perhaps just slow learners, given the mid-term elections.

One thing you know about people with this kind of character is that you cannot associate with them if you are one of good character. One might wonder if he is a sociopath or political operative or just a liar...wait, are there differences there?

PS: Interested in economics? Maybe MIT has confused political expediency with the dismal science...

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Day 31 of October

Don't Watch Too Closely

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Day 27 of September

Your Protector

Many need to believe that the government is protector. Have you listened to the Goldman Tapes? Protecting?

Listen: 536: The Secret Recordings of Carmen Segarra

Michael Lewis' take: The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes (And we suggest you read his Flash Boys)

Government's desire for power is so it can be selectively applied.

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Day 27 of August

Obama Admin Woarking Around Legislative Process...Again

What is most frustrating is that if a P(R)esident from another party were working to circumvent the legislative process, (D)emocrats would be furious, and rightly so, but when their Presi(D)ent is doing the same, it is acceptable. The truly frustrating part is that they see no hypocrisy in such actions.

Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty

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Day 15 of July

Climate Discussion

A reasonable man discuses climate change:

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Day 30 of June

Impressive? Unfortunate?

Is it impressive or unfortunate?

The Obama administration has managed to convince half of the people who vote that he is a man of the people, that his government is pro-people, not pro-business first. Yet his actions make it clear he is a good ole crony-capitalist enabler.

White House poised to name patent reform opponent as new head of Patent Office

The Obama Administration’s expected choice to lead the Patent Office is a Johnson & Johnson lawyer who has been a key figure in blocking attempts to reform the patent system.

And who did he put in charge of the FCC?

Gosh, Perhaps Next Time Don't Appoint a Lobbyist to Run the FCC?

While that's no surprise, people who should have opposed appointing a former cable and wireless lobbyist to lead the agency instead supported Wheeler's nomination... [Read]

(If you would like to laugh about the subject, watch John Oliver Suggests Renaming “Net Neutrality” To “Cable Company F*ckery”)

And yet, somehow people think this administration is a people first administration. Whether it is stupidity or gullibility, it is impressive and so unfortunate. Simple clear politics, where the only party are the parties to power.

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Day 15 of May

Consensus, the Anti-Science

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Day 13 of May

Why the Apologies?

The PC police have been swinging their batons like old school blackjacks. Look at the news these days -- and really, is there anything more newsworthy than another's thoughts? -- and you will see the quotes of someone that the Politically Correct Thought Police (PCTP) has labeled as an offender. Apparently, we must all be warned of words said that someone finds offensive -- though, what is not offensive to someone.

The PCTP do not believe in free speech, or free ideas, or ignorance, or stupidity, they believe in uniformity. It is their belief that we must all think and speak alike, and those that do not agree with what is professed to be approved thought must be singled out and punished. These days there has been a ramping up of the PCTP in riot gear, striking forcefully upon those with whom they cite. (And these people think they are intelligent because their bias is superior?)

Yes, for the truly tolerant, this is absurd, but it does beg the question, 'Why so many apologies?'

The PCTP are encouraged because their bludgeoning is getting results. Everywhere you will see those that have said something that has caught the attention of the offended apologizing for their words. Does it change their words? No. Does it erase their words? No. Does it change how they feel? No. Will it keep them from expressing themselves in the future? Probably. Is that the goal, to quell conversation? It seems so.

By paying heed to the PCTP, we have discarded the need for conversation. Why communicate, for there is one officially appropriate stance on everything, and all other perspectives are to be crushed. State the PC line, or state nothing. So why state anything? We know the PC line, so there is nothing left to discuss. How boring this will become.

It would be nice if people were stronger and would take a stand against the PCTP, be willing to pay the price for being true to themselves, but people seem to be worn down by the bludgeoning. The PCTP are violent bullies, PC approved, waiting to pounce and be honoured for the pouncing. Fuck them all! Do you really want to spend your life being approved, or do you want the freedom you inherit as a human to express yourself in the full ignorance and brilliance of your experience and understanding? You do not have to succumb. Sometimes there is more comfort in your mistake than in kowtowing to the berating of others.

Remember, when you apologize, they own you and they know that. Apologies change nothing, they are just a way of making you bow before your master.

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Day 07 of May

Why Create?

Crushing the ability to succeed crushes the desire to attempt:

U.S. businesses are being destroyed faster than they’re being created

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Day 03 of April


The truth about knowledge is that we know so very little, but it is one of the little conundrums: the more you know, the more you understand how little we know.

One of the panicking man-made global warming scientists has continued to learn, realizing we do not know:

Green Guru James Lovelock on Climate Change: ‘I don’t think anybody really knows what’s happening. They just guess’ – Lovelock Reverses Himself on Global Warming

Of course, we cannot dismiss the insipid, dangerous all knowing: Arrest Climate-Change Deniers

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Day 02 of April

Money Used to Arrange Hand Holding

If it is not enough that the government spends money for bloated bureaucracy, be comforted by the fact that there are those who will hold the hands of those who were not looking for aid and direct them to their handout:

Obamacare enrollment boosted by in-person help, money

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Day 19 of February

The Dark Ages Live!

You can choose to laugh or cry, but a great number of our fellow citizens are babbling, sycophant idiots and are not capable of change. The universal 'we' look back on the ignorance of the past as unavoidable, because they did not know better. We should know better, but every day people wake and fear the rain, or the lack of rain, or the snow, or the lack of snow, or the heat, or the cold, or the wind, or a volcano, or an earthquake, or any other myriad of natural events. Their ignorance is not a joke, but you might as well laugh.

Many of these same people who tremble in fear of the changing nature would readily agree that the earth has experienced many ice ages, and periods of warming that would make life unsustainable for the human species. They would say they understand that this information is part of the historical record, yet they presently believe that man is now dictating the changes in the natural evolution of the planet -- that we are nature's god. What do they think would happen if the human species did not exist? (For those unclear: If the human species did not exist, nature would continue to change. for change is all that is assured.)

Perhaps fear is a natural state, just as natural as ignorance, and it would appear the two are probably very highly correlated.

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